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November 13, 2011
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CARVE A MEL DANSEN by StretchyGalFan CARVE A MEL DANSEN by StretchyGalFan
The 2-Dimensional malleable villainess Razor Doll has trapped Melodia in both a Mutant Powers Inhibitor Field, and a deadly hyper-sharp cage made up of her own bio-metallic body.

And now, she is going to...

... Make Mel DANCE?! :wtf:

This is a much-delayed "Thank You" back to :iconkidd-p: for his wonderful gift art of my OC, Leela Marina [link]

I may be slow as a tortoise dragging a truck tire behind it when it comes to producing artwork, but eventually I get around to them! ;)

I also wish this was being uploaded under much more happier circumstances, due to the tragic passing of Kidd-P's friend :icontoonamix: just the other day. :(

Melodia is an OC of :iconkidd-p:

Razor Doll is an OC of :iconeent242: , with character design by me.

*Download for Full Size Deviation*

[EDIT] - And just in case some people don't understand the joke behind the punny title: [link] . Yup, late to the party on this particular meme, but hopefully provided a sick twist on things... :lol:
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Razor Doll is a cool character, hope to see more of her
FBende Dec 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Nice, I like the character =D
And once again, thank you! :D [link]

Both :iconeent242: and myself never realized at the time just how much you really liked her! :D

Thanks! ^^;

You are one of the few! :D
SageIkoma Nov 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
This "Razor Doll" is quite the intriguing one, can I know more?
Well, basically in her original form, she sorta fulfilled the role as the "Freddy Krueger / Jason Voorhees" of the stretchy gal world (as if the elastic superheroines here really needed such an antagonist). She was a co-production between :iconeent242: and myself, and to tell you the truth she gave the both of us the creeps.

A revamped DA version of her was planned for this past Halloween, which would have toned down the more extremely bloody aspects of the character (i.e. make her more like the Mark Hamill-voiced version of The Joker from the Batman animated TV show), but I had a change of heart after talking it over with some of the artists here and deep-sixed the revival (even after completing some new artworks of her). Also, both eent242 and myself found ourselves becoming very uncomfortable working with this character again (she's not really fun to write on eent242's part, and drawing her is a complete pain for me).

This "thank you" gift artwork was still in the pipeline when the project was stopped, and was too amusing of an idea not to finish it (and drawing Dolly with that cutesy Caramell Dansen facial expression made her even more creepy than normal).

So AFAIK, this will be the only appearance "RZD" be making here.

Besides, lot of us are having more fun with Flossy being the "evil stretchy villainess" around these parts. ;)
"So AFAIK, this will be the only appearance "RZD" be making here."

Apparently, time has proven me wrong... ^^; [link]
SageIkoma Nov 14, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I see, very interesting. ^^
This doll seems to be terribly annoying to some heroes.
Well, she's way more deadly in her original version, so I toned her down quite a bit for this one occasion. ^^;
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