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July 22, 2012
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Early Melodia and Early Leela for Captain-Paulo by StretchyGalFan Early Melodia and Early Leela for Captain-Paulo by StretchyGalFan
***NOTE: Any resemblance to a certain (in) famous pair of destructive anime girls is purely coincidental***


A fan-art gift for :iconcaptain-paulo:, featuring the early character design for his OC Melodia (now officially known as Mel), together with the early character design for my OC Leela (who did not have a last name way back then).

The genesis of this artwork came about from a discussion I had with Captain-Paulo earlier this year regarding his old City of Heroes online game version of Melodia (a telekinetic superheroine).

After he showed me one of his old (elastic) Melodia design sketches, I thought it would be a fun idea to team this version of Mel up with my first version of Leela (who was a bit of an airhead and a real wimp compared to other elastic girls).

Quite an evolution from these concept designs to their current forms.

[EDIT] Link to Early Leela concept artwork [link]

Early Melodia is OC of :iconcaptain-paulo: All rights reserved.

Art by and Early Leela is OC of :iconstretchygalfan:
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I already knew the old version of Melodia, Captain Paul, I shared a picture of it, but now I see the older version of Leela, it is interesting to note the similarity that they had in their beginning in the ideas of both artists.
It was fun revisiting the old version of Leela, but I like the current "red crab-hair" version better... ;)

It was also a nice challenge to draw the original version of Mel, after doing the current one several times. :D
Very nice!
It's amazing to see how these two characters looked like before to what they look like now:)
no. No. NO! The colors are all wrong. =P Where's the green (and red)? XD

This goes to show 2 things. 1) You guys have great vision, since the designs back then are almost the same as now. 2) Your drawing style is amazing, because you could draw so well back then, too.

Thanks for the blast from the past.
Captain-Paulo Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! It's amazing how a couple of years can make all the difference. didn't imagine Mel started as a blonde and Leela having blue hair.

But you always got to start somewhere, even when it comes to art.
A bit ... Different! :XD:

The blue color is predominant in these two! :lol:
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